You Are Not A Victim and You Never Were

Offering from Higgins:

You are not a victim now. You have never been a victim.

When we use the word ‘victim’ we are talking about you in every moment. When you are in line at the checkout stand feeling frustration because the line moves slowly, frustration is a sign that you have moved into victim mode. Not a victim has choices, victims have no choice. No choice is a very low vibration and not compatible with the Truth of Who You Are.

Each time you respond to a thing assess whether the feeling you are given is lesser or stronger. Always move towards the stronger. It is a positive feedback loop meaning that as you begin to notice the stronger feelings you will like them better and then choose them more quickly and with greater ease.

We already feel, rising up in you, scenarios where you truly feel you had no choice as in the little one being bullied by the big one. We will agree that many times unpleasant things happen that in that moment you seem to have no control over. This is a larger lesson that we will address another day. For today, remind yourself that, “This is now and now I have a choice as to how I respond. I am not a victim.” Then ask yourself, “What would not-a-victim do?”

Received December 13, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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