Tim Tebow is a Master Creator

Offering from Higgins:

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Regarding Creating:

You are Master Creators therefore you are happiest when creating. Each of you has different spiritual gifts to share and the goal of life experience is to create frames in which to display your gifts.

For painters, the picture is the frame. For dancers, the dance is the frame. You tend to get confused, thinking the picture is the gift or that the dance is the gift. The picture and the dance are expressions of the gift.


To clarify this we offer the example of Tim Tebow. For Tim football is the frame. His spiritual gift is knowing that positive expectation and gratitude, along with continual postive effort, are what brings success.

He knows that God doesn’t make you succeed. Success is there for all to achieve through positive expectation, gratitude and continual positive effort. That’s his gift. Football is simply the frame.

Received December 14, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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