Compassion is the Answer to Judgement

Offering from Higgins:

Many of you are practicing being non-judgmental. Our knowing is that greater success occurs moving towards something desirable. Pushing away that which you do not want is much like trying to get tape off your fingers. Attempting to pull the tape off just brings it to stick upon a different finger until you find something like the edge of the garbage liner to stick the tape to.

Since life is all about attraction all the while you are thinking about non-judging, judging is sticking to you like the sticky tape. Once you find something else to stick to, it is easy to release the judgment for you are attracted to something else.

Compassion is the answer to judgement. Practice compassion and your judgements will leave you as surely as leaving tape in the garbage by sticking it to the liner.

Received January 2, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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