Why Do We Treat the People Closest to Us the Worst?

Question: Why do we treat the people closest to us the worst?

Higgins: Let’s start by saying that not all of you do treat the people you are closest to the worst. But most of you do at least sometimes and many of you do so habitually.

The short answer is that you do it because the other person allows you to do so. If the other person stood firmly in their Truth they would never allow any sort of mistreatment to occur. They would always seek to maintain a clean vibration in their own right, but when their own vibrational offering falters (and inevitably it does sometimes) then a person standing firmly in their Truth would, with great kindness, ask you to treat them better. And if they could not clean up their vibration quickly enough to keep from receiving verbal or physical abuse they would simply and gracefully remove themselves from your presence. Remember that in their Truth they would not stoop to an argument with you for that is too low a vibration.

However, nothing that occurs between you physicals is for one, it is always for both. That means your vibration is also coming into play. You would not treat the other badly if you did not allow yourself to do so by holding yourself apart from your own Truth. In Truth, none of you ever treat another badly. So what happens is that each of you has deviated from your Truth and have been drawn together in matching vibration. One of you is ready to treat another badly and one of you is ready to be treated badly. Really, you’re a perfect match.

When one party attempts to clean up their vibration and move towards treating others better or towards being treated better the other will instigate more and more situations to abuse or be abused and they do it unknowingly since there is an unseen need to match vibrations. The person who consciously shifts towards the higher vibration must be the emotional leader and not backslide as the other unwittingly seeks to maintain the abusive status quo. (This also explains why a person would move from one abusive relationship to another.)

Received January 8, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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