How Do We Cope In A World Of Unkindness?

Question:  I do think that I was brought up to be kind to people.  I think it is a huge source of stress, frustration, that most people I meet are not kind.  That stress can cause and has caused health problems in me and in some other folks who were raised to be kind.  I do agree that for the most part the majority of the world does not have the kindness paradigm.  However, for those of us who do, or did, or have a little of it, how do we cope in the world of mostly  “not kind” folks????

Higgins: This question is a tempestuous sea of energy. Let’s try to sort it out. And Friend, read this slowly, sentence by sentence and paragraph by paragraph.

There are exceedingly few of you whose parents, or those doing the child rearing, do not make some attempt to teach kindness to their charges. However, in a society that has no kindness paradigm how can kindness be taught? Few of you know what it is to be kind and there is significant difference between kind acts and kindness. Kind acts can be taught and learned but kindness comes from inside.

So when you say most people you meet are not kind we’d suggest that what you are experiencing is someone (with perhaps exactly the same understanding of kindness that you have) who failed, in your presence, to express the kind acts they’ve been taught.

Genuine kindness and compassion is part of each of your Truths. This physical place is often scary and stressful for the harshness is out of synch with the very foundation of what you are. Though it is certain that carrying around incompatible vibration eventually leads to illness and dis-ease, illness is not developing in you because others are not kind. Illness and disease develop because you have forgotten to hold fast to your own Truth. You simply may not lay the blame of your ill-health on another for any reason.

To cope in a harsh world, one that overflows with behavior that is out of synch with Truth, one must develop compassion–for true kindness is a reflection of compassion. And that is how you cope. You develop compassion. You reflect true kindness. Then the universe will reflect the Truth you express right back at you, which is all it ever does anyway.

Received January 15, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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