How Do We Play the Game of Life?

Question: Who and what are we and how do we play the game of life?

Higgins: Humans are eternal beings of light. You are, as all things are, offspring of that which you call God, the same being we describe as The Source of All That Is. You are pure energy. What you are not is your body. Your body is a work of art created especially to house the essence of your being while in physical format. God assisted in creating the human body however artisans actually created the body and God gave it the finishing touches.

Who you are differs from one to the next. Each is a unique individual yet not separate from The Source of All Things, from one another, from the Earth you walk upon or even from the plants and animals that share your planet.

Mankind is designed, as all things are, in the manner of God/Source. That means that you are creators and that you create life experience by exhibiting preference. The game is played by mentally leaning toward the things you prefer. The Universe (God or Source) will then offer you those things abundantly and in myriad forms.

Each of you has complete freedom to create their own life experience so if you choose to lean (mentally) away from those things you prefer then of course, the Universe (God or Source or Allah or Creator/Spirit) will provide whatever it is that you lean toward whether they are things you actually want or not.

The Earth is designed as a place for mankind to flourish. Health and well-being are your birthright. Therefore, if any of you does other than thrive that in itself is a marker that you’ve been mentally leaning away from the things you prefer. At any point in the game you may shift your attention towards that which is desired and it shall surely follow.

One thing to note: the Earth realm is a time/space scenario. Time and space may not be separated one from the other. Some of your creating will come very quickly but much of it flows towards you through quite a bit of time and space.

Received January 20, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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