How To Cope With A Harsh World

Question: How do we cope with such a harsh world?

Higgins: Mankind has forgotten what it is to be human. Mankind wishes for peace yet wages war and the reflection of this occurs not only on grand scales between countries but also on small-scale within homes or on playgrounds. Man acts out of harmony with his very desires and this has created the harshness you experience.

The best way to cope with the harshness playing out on Earth is to develop compassion. Kindness is a result of compassion. Compassion allows thoughts to flow like water. For water there are no obstacles. Water flows into, around or through all things. That is what the mind is like when compassion is at the forefront.

A mind that flows in compassion produces kindness and wherever kindness exists harshness recedes.

We appreciate the opportunity to answer this magnificent question. There is much love held for you in the non-physical realm.

Received January 19, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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