Why Isn’t It Obvious That We Create Our Own Experience?

Question: If it is true that we create our own experience then why isn’t it obvious and why doesn’t everyone know how to do it?

Higgins: Friend, you do create your physical life and all the experiences contained within. You ask why it isn’t obvious that you do so and we reply, “It is obvious but most of you ignore the signage.”

When navigating a motor vehicle along a road there are street signs, posted speed limits, stop signs, signs saying wrong-way or one-way. Signs indicate yield, merge and lane-ends. The same signs exist for navigating life experience but you ignore them and then wonder why life is so bumpy. Life is bumpy because you’ve driven right off the smoothly paved road surface and are driving cross-country in the dark.

There was a time when everyone understood the rules of the game. Everyone understood the value of emotion and impulse and used them as guides or maps while exploring this physical environment. In that time mankind communicated with the Earth and with plants and animals, indeed all the inhabitants of the Earth realm. There was understanding without verbal communication.

The communication continues to be offered but you physicals, the majority of you, refuse to acknowledge the messages. And then you say, “Why did this awful thing happen to me?” or, “I didn’t know.” Well, the awful thing happened because the many, many signs you passed indicating you were heading in the wrong direction were ignored. And frankly, you did know. You just would rather not know that you know. You’d rather play the victim role than be accountable for your actions.

This is important, Friends. Freedom is in the very foundation of this physical realm. This includes freedom from physical pain and poor health, freedom from financial worries, freedom to prosper and flourish and laugh. Freedom is available to anyone who chooses to start following the signs for none other creates in your life experience.

Mankind is ever evolving, ever spiritually expanding, ever-growing. You seek growth. The Earth also is ever seeking its own spiritual growth and its path and yours are irrevocably intertwined. The Earth in its orbit within its own planetary system is as far from the nucleus of The Source of All That Is as it can get and therefore you are as far from your creative source as you can get. The distance, the separation you feel as physical beings stems from this. The distance is what has caused mankind to lose track of who and what you are and that is why you no longer know how to play the game.

Received January 17, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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