Each of You has a Special Gift to Share with the World

Offering from Higgins:

Each of you has a special gift to share with the world. We often describe this as a spiritual gift. Each of you also has some kind of talent through which to share your gift.

For example, let’s say your special gift is strength and flexibility of the physical body. A person with this gift may be drawn towards ballet, gymnastics or yoga. Ballet, gymnastics and yoga are avenues through which to share this special gift.

For others, the gift you came to share is less obvious. We heard one of you say once, “All I know how to do is love well.” This person’s special gift is her ability to love. Loving persons have many, many avenues to share the love they are yet loving often goes unnoticed as a spiritual gift. Following one’s interests will lead the person who’s gifts are more esoteric towards avenues of expression of their gift.

Expressing your special gift via your special interests will bring happiness, well-being, fulfillment and prosperity. It is well worth the effort to suss out your special gift for it is the Truth of Who You Are and in the expression of it you shall surely flourish.

Received January 24, 2012 at Everett, Washington

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