Why Do So Many People Seem To Not Care About Their Appearance?

Question: Driving down the street today I noticed that shabby dress seems to be the norm, at least in that part of town on that street. Why do so many people seem to not care about their appearance?

Higgins: Friend, we submit to you that it is not about not caring but rather about not having a grander vision.

One must first develop an inner desire to improve their appearance. The appearance then changes, usually over time as the new style emerges.

A secondary factor lies within the human collective. One who appears different often will not be included within the group so making change may be difficult since when one’s appearance changes then one’s surroundings must change also. The ripple effect of changing one’s appearance may alter family dynamics or the dynamics of friendships and that is often lonely for the one making change.

Received January 25, 2012 at Everett, Washington

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