Why Are So Many People Tremendously Overweight?

Question: Why are so many people tremendously overweight?

Higgins: Friend, not all countries are experiencing the epidemic of obesity that yours is. Yours is a country of over-the-top in everything and eating is simply one more thing that people are doing to excess. Another thing the people of your country do to excess is not listen to their own inner wisdom. One result is that you have simply gone to sleep when it comes to food and what to put in your bodies to fuel it. There are, of course, some for whom this is not true but as a nation it is true.

Some in your country choose extreme sports or adventure. Why do some choose extreme weight? That is determined by other factors within the individual. Overweight people tend to be overwhelmed or weighed down by other aspects of their lives. Clean up the life circumstances and a more slender body will surely follow.

Excess fat acts as a buffer. Not only does overeating dull the emotions but carrying excess fat also dulls the senses. Many people who are overweight are especially energetically sensitive and  unconsciously carry weight to protect themselves from the cacophony of energetic vibration that goes on all around. For these we suggest intentionally tuning in to only the most delicious vibrations and that is achieved with practice.

In addition, the paradigm surrounding food consumption is all about more is better and getting ‘enough’. We suggest you consider a new paradigm where quality, presentation and taste are paramount and serving portions are tiny. Space very small, very high quality meals frequently throughout the day and notice how happy and satisfied you feel as pounds melt away.

(Note from Cheryl: the country they refer to is the United States.)

Received January 28, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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