Healthy Day For A Human Body

Question: Will you describe what a healthy day for a human body would look like?

Higgins: A healthy day for the human body begins with awakening from a refreshing sleep. The body needs air, water and stimulation of the illuminating energy that animates it. We encourage you to begin the day with a few deep breaths and some gentle stretching. Before much time has elapsed consume a glass of water, then enter a longer cycle of stretching and breathing.

Stretching and breathing stimulate the animating life source within and water refreshes the cells.

Next we recommend a small but filling breakfast. While you may choose the foods you like best we encourage tiny portions and fresh fruit, vegetables and grains as a base for all meals.

A healthy day for a human body is inextricably bound with a healthy day for the mind and spirit. We anticipate that from the moment your eyes open your heart will be filled with the happiness that comes from having activities planned that are truly enjoyable and the solid expectation that whatever comes into the day will hold interest for you and be in your best interest. All the days occurrences, whether serendipitous or planned, will fill you with enthusiasm for the moment and stimulate ideas for the future.

Let the healthy day contain a variety of pleasantly strenuous physical exercise as well as a similar pleasantly strenuous exercising of the brain. Interact for some period of time with people whose conversation stimulates your mind or whose company fills your soul. Fill the eyes with beauty and the ears with appealing sound. Look around you with approval and compassion. Stimulate all the senses.

Rotate activities so that in any given week there is much variety.

Sprinkle small nourishing meals throughout the day. Rest when needed. Allow time for relaxation.

With this as a guideline for life go forth making each day as above for this is how life is meant to be. Should you choose an occasional grueling adventure be certain to return to this baseline for refreshment every now and again.

If you will choose this as a template and build your life in this manner you shall surely flourish. Prosperity, good health and satisfying relationships will abound.

Blessings upon you in this great adventure.

Received January 29, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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