When People Are Rotten to Me I Want to Be Rotten Back

Question: Higgins, when people are so rotten sometimes I feel spiteful. I want to do something rotten back to them. Talk me out of that. Why wouldn’t I do something mean back?

Higgins: Marvelous question and the answer is: because you are not rotten. The end result of doing something mean in retaliation is that you’ve done something mean. Even though there is a sweet feeling of regaining some of your power in the thought of retaliation the act of retaliating is actually in opposition to the beauty that you are.

Retaliation feels good because it is a stronger vibration than that of victim but often leads you out of the bounds of your True Character which is goodness and decency and into expression of Not The Truth of You.

By letting someone else’s words and actions pull you out of balance with your own harmony you are doing exactly what you don’t want, you are allowing yourself to get out of balance with the expression of your Truth. You will find that no matter how good the feeling of revenge is the feeling of balanced expression of your Truth feels even better. So use the power surge that comes from thoughts of revenge to catapult you back towards alignment with feeling good and use the understanding you’ve developed regarding what is socially appropriate to keep your action within bounds.

Received July 14 and 16, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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