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Higgins produces amazing energy through me. We have been able to record that energy and musician Bill Wolford set it to music. Each energetic meditation assists the listener in achieving the energetic vibration of the piece. At we have a recording that contains three musical meditations; Harmonizing Vibrations, Raising Vibrations and Earthbliss Relaxation.

If you will sit in a relaxed way with (the best you are able) feet upon the floor, hands relaxed at your sides and eyes closed these meditations will assist you first in harmonizing with your surroundings. In other words, relaxing into your life just the way it is with all its warts and strange happy things. Then Raising Vibrations will help raise your energetic vibration to the highest it can achieve right now. Meaning, it may be higher one day and lower another day but always the best you can do at any given time.

In the Earthbliss Relaxation meditation Higgins works with the Earth itself to offer the energetic frequency that the Earth is moving to in the 2012 shift, or the Shift of the Ages. Listening to this one simply brings you into alignment with the new Earth Energy.

It’s very easy to meditate this way. Simply sit as described above and allow your own energy and the energy of Higgins to flow harmoniously through you. To allow energy to flow this way simply say you wish it to be so, either out loud or with your mind’s voice.

There are more such energetic meditations at Bill Wolford’s site,

If you are looking for more information from Higgins check out Higgins’ developing website,

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