How Can I Help My Daughter Sleep Through The Night? (Addendum)

Note from Cheryl:    I asked Higgins whether any of our energy attunement music meditations would be useful or appropriate for helping this child sleep better. Their suggestion for her is to start with Earthbliss Relaxation. It is an easy positive vibration to achieve.

If any of you are not familiar with these meditations, we’ve asked Higgins to help us achieve vibrational frequencies equal to things that we want like peace, harmony in our lives, and the new Earth frequency. We’ve recorded some of these vibrations and put music to them.

Try the versions posted at for versions with conversational meditation cues from Higgins or if you prefer the music without conversation. You are encouraged to listen freely on the respective websites.

We also have a new set of mediations to music in the works expected to be available in 2013.

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