How Can I Help My Daughter Sleep Through The Night? (Part 3 of 3)

Note:     The first and second segments of this response were posted December 19 and 24, 2012 respectively. If you would like to read the question in its entirety see the response from December 19.

Question:     How can I help my daughter sleep through the night? I realize I cannot do this for her, but perhaps there is some insight you can shed upon her intense anxiety. Am I doing the right thing by insisting that she sleep in her own bed? Am I doing the right thing by falling asleep with her at bedtime?

Higgins:     In the first segment of our response on how to help your daughter sleep through the night we suggested making a nighttime routine of exercising gently for just 10 minutes one hour before bedtime. The second aspect is to help her develop a stable flow of energy from her personal source. To assist with establishing this flow we recommended adding meditation to the evening bedtime routine.

The next step is to explain that she is dominant here in this physical place. She gets to choose what she experiences here. Most of you don’t know how to do that so we will describe this.

Every rock, tree, animal, person, slab of concrete and drop of water emits a vibrational signal 24/7. One aspect of the vibration defines you as you, sort of like a name. Mary is not the same as Tom just as Mary’s vibration says Mary and Tom’s vibration says Tom.

Taking this a step further, this vibration describes dog from cat and one dog from another dog. This same vibration is offered by grains of sand defining sand as sand and one grain of sand from any other grain of sand.

At the same time each of you emits this unique identifying vibration you also emit a vibration relative to how you feel about the world around you. If Mary and Tom have an argument Mary’s vibration still says Mary, but it also says Mary is discordant with Mary’s True Being.

Every thought, word or action that is committed by any human, dog or grain of sand anywhere on Earth or indeed anywhere throughout the Universe carries with it a vibrational equivalent. These waves zip about unseen. Though unseen they are not unnoticed. Adults usually learn to tune out but children tend to be especially susceptible to these energy waves.

In some ways this is good news because these young ones still connect with the More that exists. However, because so much of this energy is negative it can be very frightening. Children tend to notice ghosts and feel uneasy and frightened at bedtime because that is the time when their mind quiets down heading for sleep mode.

These vibrational waveforms are much like radio signals. When you choose to listen to a particular radio station you simply turn the dial to the number you want. It is the same with this scenario. You must assure your child that she has the ability to choose the ‘station’ she wants to listen to. Explain that thinking about happy things helps. Even more helpful is your daughter’s intentional choices. She must learn to intend good things.

For example, just prior to your bedtime meditation make an evening game of choosing all happy things she wants to experience. You may suggest, “I want to feel happy. I want to think nice thoughts about Grandma and Grandpa and Daddy. I want to have fun at school tomorrow.” Stronger verbiage, “I choose to feel happy. I choose to feel close to Grandma and Grandpa and Daddy. I choose to have fun at school tomorrow.”

Whether your daughter chooses to meditate or not, these directives to the Universe will set in motion more positive experiences for her.

If she chooses to meditate in addition to the game of positive choices then her Broader Being and Spirit Guides will help her tune in to these positive frequencies.

Do you remember the dial radios where tuning the dial to a number only meant you were close to the desired station but then you also needed to do some fine tuning, including maybe moving an antenna, to get the station of choice to come in clearly? Making clear statements of choice is akin to dialing in the desired station. Meditation with clear intent for outcome is akin to tuning into the station so it is received as clearly as possible.

Friend, we feel these three segments answer your question. If you need clarification upon any aspect please ask. Further, incorporate these three suggestions into a pleasant evening routine as she is able. While she may accept all these suggestions quickly and easily the way a sponge absorbs water, she may also exhibit resistance from time to time. Your job is simply to make it as fun, easy and seamless as possible.

Received December 26, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

Note: I will post a separate addendum to ‘How can I help my daughter sleep through the night?’ with links to some meditation music that may be helpful for this.

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