Higgins On The Explosions In Boston

Question: Higgins, will you comment on the bombs/explosions in Boston yesterday?

Higgins: Certainly.

Peace is not the absence of violence and peace cannot be created in the absence of a peaceful heart. However, it is not necessary for everyone to seek peace to create peace in your life it is only necessary for you to seek peace to have peace in your life.

It is important for each of you to be clear about what you want. Make a habit either morning or night (or better yet both) of sitting quietly and reviewing the day behind and the day ahead. Consider these questions:  What went right today? What did you like about it? What was not to your liking today? How would you rather have had it be? How do you want tomorrow to be?

We encourage words like satisfying, fulfilling and entertaining. The Universe then draws you towards events that match these feelings and therefore away from events that do not match these feelings.

Life is very simple, really. Focus on what you want to experience in your life. Keep a positive attitude alive within you and go forth each day expecting little miracles and so it will be.

What most of you do instead is focus on what you do not want and then act surprised when the very thing you clearly do not want arrives in your life. It defies Universal Law to focus on school shootings and expect peace in the schools. It defies Universal Law to focus on war and terrorism and expect peace in the streets. It defies Universal Law to focus on a cure for cancer and expect anything other than more and more diagnoses of cancer.

Instead, focus on satisfaction, happiness, good health, solid relationships and other clearly positive word choices. Remember that stress free and peaceful are not the same thing. Choose your words with care and purposefully focus on maintaining a positive attitude about everything. Life will smooth out magically if you will.

Received April 16, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, USA

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