Boston, Part 2

Question: Hi Higgins. Yesterday, when I asked you about the bombs in Boston, I sort of thought you’d talk about the bombs, the bombers and the victims. You didn’t. Why?

Higgins: We did talk about the bombers and the victims. We talked about people. We talked about choosing what you want. If a person wishes to set off a bomb they will. If another person wishes a life of safety that is possible, too. They can exist simultaneously.

Each person needs to intentionally and clearly choose what sort of events fill their days. Let’s take this scenario: one person feels confident that setting off a bomb will provide them with satisfaction and another person knows that satisfying days include enjoyable days out with friends and family. Satisfaction to this second person means hikes in the mountains and walks along beaches. Additionally, they enjoy their daily job and feel loving towards their body.

By the laws that exist within the Universe a person who strongly wishes to set off a bomb will find a way to do that. However, none other need to be affected by it. The person who also clearly desires days that are satisfying but defines satisfying differently, where satisfying includes personal safety, will not end up standing where a bomb is about to go off. The Universe will draw them somewhere else.

It is perfectly reasonable to assume that each and every individual is capable of achieving safety regardless of the ill intentions of any other. Set your own intentions out clearly every  morning and every night and while the rest of the world may seem as though it is bent on self-destruction, your own life will blossom.

Received April 17, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, USA

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