You Are Energy First, Flesh Second

Offering from Higgins:

It is helpful to remind yourself from time to time that you are energy at the base of things. Flesh is secondary.

Consider that you, as energy, flow primarily from above the head to below the feet. Sometimes this flow of energy gets off course, the way a river eddies or changes course. It is of utmost importance to continually maintain the river of energy in a head to toe course. When the energy that you are is off course or stuck in an eddy life will not flow its smoothest.

When you are tired, frustrated, irritable or working too hard relax. Instruct your energy flow to get back in alignment. Breathe for awhile. Feel the energy return and notice how the mind clears.

This is a simple way to realign with your personal source of guidance. Life will smooth out when this technique is applied and a life lived in alignment with this eternal wisdom is rewarding and fulfilling.

Received April 27, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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