Why Does This Person Cause Me to Lighten Up Inside? (Part 3)

This is a continuing conversation…


I have a question about the whole being lighten up inside. (…) But recently I
get lighten up by a person and no one really does that for by that one
person. And its not like an infatuation. This is from my gut, spirit area
and its like someone awakened me. Like I come alive inside and feel truly
alive. It is something that is hard to explain on how it feels. It is just
purely AMAZING though.


We are pleased that you recognize this is neither infatuation nor the beginnings of love. What is happening is this person awakens in you what you are. Another way to look at this is that person is a reflection of a part of yourself that has been buried for a while, a wonderful part of yourself. You recognize your own magnificence in them and that is what feels so amazing.

Received August 29, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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