Why Does This Person Cause Me to Lighten Up Inside? (Part 2)

This is a continuation from a question asked August 26, 2013. The portion of the question we will respond to today is:  I dont normally light up much at all. Been through a lot of depression and mental disease or illness. A lot of hell and pain and suffering.


Prior to birth each of you makes plans for your life on Earth. These plans are  sort of broad such as planning to be a person who uplifts others. Narrower plans may also be made such as planning to express yourself with the body (think of ballet dancers) or via music (think of musicians and singers).

Your Broader Being holds this vision for you while you navigate the physical realm. When you get close to something that is part of your plan you feel more alive.

Envision a pinball machine. When the ball bumps into the target the target lights up and bells ding. Think of yourself as a target and when information bumps into you that is equal to the desires your Broader Being holds for you about this life you light up.

There is a plethora of information assaulting each of you every moment of the day. Information comes to you visually, audibly, sensibly. Additionally, information bombards you via waves that are similar to sound waves. Usually, you do not see them or hear them but whether or not you are consciously aware you are subconsciously aware of all this information as it flows past you.

What will help the asker of this question is to learn to tune into that which interests you and is compatible with your heart’s happiness. This is rather like tuning in the radio station you prefer. It does take practice and focus to see the flower growing in the gutter and ignore the disease, decay and destruction surrounding it but that is what you must learn to do. You must intentionally choose to connect with the most beautiful aspect of every moment of your life.

For a person with a history of mental illness tuning into the most beautiful of the abundant information is sort of like telling a person with heart disease to begin a gentle exercise regimen or a diabetic to make achievable changes to their diet. It takes time and practice but the difference it will make in your life will astound you. Remember to make this a gentle practice, a little at a time, just a little at a time.

As you do this your heart which has felt closed for so long will begin to flutter a little here and a little there and suddenly one day you will bump into that which jumpstarts your heart and you will live again.

Received August 28, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, USA

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