The Kindness Paradigm (5.5)

After rereading The Kindness Paradigm (5) on Accepting and Allowing I realize I left some information out…the part about why acceptance and allowance are important.

Refusal to accept and allow all things is futile. Resistance actually makes things worse. Imagine having a tent collapse while you are in it. Struggling won’t help you get out. Relax. Accept the situation and gently find your way out.

Allowing things to be as they are is the equivalent of not struggling. It is non-resistance.

When one person stops struggling, develops compassion and begins making decisions and choices based in kindness they become the embodiment of peace. Every day this one person is directly responding to the world’s violence by not responding to the world’s violence. They are no longer potentiating violence and harshness but instead potentiate peace and cooperation by living in harmony with their surroundings whatever those surroundings may contain.

Cheryl Jensen, September 2, 2013, at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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