How Does Music Affect Consciousness?

Question:     From your perspective. What is music and how does it affect consciousness?
Or what impression does music make on All That Is?

Note from Cheryl:     In this answer we are using affect to mean how is something influenced. Effect is used to mean the result.

Higgins:     Music is vibration and every piece of music carries its own vibrational signature. One’s brain sorts all vibration relative to the current vibration one holds. Therefore, music is either appreciated or rejected by the listener based on the vibration of the music relative to one’s current state of mind.

Music affects the consciousness differently than words. Words must be interpreted in such a way as to provide a meaning before they effective/affective. Music is not interpreted in the same way. Music affects consciousness by producing a feeling within. The feeling the music produces is the effect.

Music can alter consciousness thus altering one’s current vibration if one is in alignment with being swayed from their current vibrational direction.

As for All That Is…All That Is is consciousness. Music is interpreted by All That Is the same way humans interpret music: by its vibrational content. Because All That Is holds true to a sublime vibrational emission the music does not produce an effect on All That Is the same way music produces an effect in the human. What All That Is notices and appreciates is where the music maker is mentally and emotionally. And of course there are pieces so in harmony with the beauty of the human endeavor that the metaphorical heart of All That Is soars.

Note: I asked for an example of such a piece and they added that Anne Murray’s Snowbird is one such song.

Received October 15, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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  1. Anne Murray’s Snowbird…interesting choice… 🙂 It might need a new arrangement though.

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