You Are Not Victims

Higgins:     We’d like to remind you that you are not a victim. None of you are victims. There is no such thing as a victim. What you are is a participant. You are active and willing participants in The Game of Life.

Anger is a warning sign that in some way you have slipped into playing a role in this magnificent Game that doesn’t suit you. Never make a move in The Game from frustration, impatience or anger. If you do, you’ve already lost. Slide your mind back to the starting point of your frustration. Fix the thing that pushed you off balance. Then resume The Game of Life.

Always, always move forward from feelings of at minimum, well intentioned hope. Preferably, you shall always move you (your playing piece) forward feeling positive and sure.

Received October 16, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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