The Kindness Paradigm (7)

Kindness, in the Kindness Paradigm, is defined as arising from the understanding that what affects one affects another thus nurturing a desire to create harmony through positive word and action. In order to shift from our current paradigm of domination into a paradigm of kindness we needed to learn how to nurture one another. To do that we needed to develop compassion because kindness overflows from compassion and kindness of the heart manifests in all sorts of ways that nurture the human spirit.

In the last post, Kindness Paradigm (6), we discussed how to achieve compassion.   We need now to apply the kindness that will overflow from that compassion to create a world which reflects respect and honor for the beauty of the human being. We must create for beauty, function and livability. If we must create rules and laws then we must create rules and laws that uplift the human spirit.

Currently, much of what we build we build out of ignorance…not stupidity simply a lack of awareness, knowledge and understanding of a bigger picture.  The point of developing kindness and compassion is to use those skills to discover and nurture our dreams as well as the dreams of our Earth fellows. We will look into our hearts of compassion to see what’s there and build it. That is what the Kindness Paradigm is. It is the awareness, knowledge and understanding to build our lives in a way that beautifully supports the human endeavor.

Cheryl Jensen, October 21, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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