The Kindness Paradigm (8)

Nurture One Another

In the Kindness Paradigm we help uplift others and no matter how old we are we nurture one another like we would care for a newborn.

We help people feel good about themselves.

From this well-spring of kindness that flows forth from compassion we nurture one another in a cyclical pattern like the tides or the rising and setting of the sun and moon. We do not always need assistance but when we do we know that in a paradigm of kindness someone will be right there to offer assistance. We nurture one another in developing exactly the things we once had trouble accepting because it was not our own dream. We kindly, gently, persistently help each other become the person each wants to be. We nurture each other towards the pursuit of one another’s hearts desires and this also is the Kindness Paradigm.

If a person shows talent as a ballerina or athlete at an early age, this young one’s abilities are polished and developed. In the Kindness Paradigm those whose gifts are not so obviously marketable will also be developed. For example, the person who only knows how to love well will have their gift nurtured the same way we nurture a budding tennis protégé or gymnast.

The Kindness Paradigm then extrapolates this to adults.

If you will consider for a moment how unhappy most people are in their lives, craving something more but perhaps unable to name exactly what it is that pulls them, in this paradigm of kindness we nurture one another regardless of age while each and every person seeks to discover that thing that brings happiness to their heart.

Perhaps it may best be envisioned by thinking of an archeological dig. Perhaps at first large bulldozers move some earth and a few trinkets are uncovered. Then people come in with small shovels, fine scraping tools and even small, soft brushes to finish excavating until at last the artifacts are completely unearthed.

In this paradigm of kindness we do this for every individual regardless of age, intellect, financial background, current level of health or even level of like-ability. We do this because every person has some kind of spiritual gift and the development and then sharing of that gift is what brings happiness to the individual. Furthermore, there is someone else who will appreciate that gift. When we do not develop that special thing within each person then life is much like a puzzle with pieces missing.

Cheryl Jensen, October 22, 2013, Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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