Am I on the Right Track? (3 of 3)


I’m a 28 year old medical student experiencing an existential crisis of sorts.  After working as a chemist for about five years, I found myself very unhappy with my occupation.  I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a physician.  I applied to medical school with the feeling that if it was meant to be, I would be accepted.  I was accepted into school but I’m struggling.  I thought that this was meant to be and that if worked very hard, I would be fine.  I expected school to be very difficult, but it is so much more so than I thought.  Now for some back story.

When I was 13, I was told by a medium that I had an important purpose on Earth as a healer and would one day make a very important scientific discovery. At that young age, I was surprised and flattered, but didn’t take any stock in the information.  As years went by, I would ponder the notion from time to time and think, I’m not that smart; that would never happen.  I was told similar information again around the age of 18 and again last week.

My question is, if this is where I’m supposed to be, why is it so hard?  I ask for help from my guides and everyone I can call upon for help, I study day and night, and still find this to be so difficult.  I’ve never had trouble doing anything in my life; everything has always come easily to me.  But the one thing that I’ve ever really wanted, to become a physician and healer and to help as many people as possible, seems so very hard.

Am I in the right place?  Am I on the right track?  I feel like I’m losing myself, losing ground.  Please help shed some light on my situation.  I really need some guidance right now.

Higgins:     Initially we encouraged you to clean up the personal flow of energy so that it flows from head to toe. As we read off your energy flow today you’ve done that admirably. Your aura although significantly improved remains incomplete. Previously when we read your energy the auric energy stopped at your head. Now is stops at your knees. This is a strong indication of how desperately difficult the studies are. The overwhelming magnitude of it has literally cut you off at the knees.

This is easy to fix. Remind yourself again that your energy should remain with you. In difficult situations energy is often unknowingly given to the antagonist (the person with whom you are arguing, the bill there isn’t enough money to pay and for you, the rigors of medical school).  Literally gather your energy back by using your arms in a gathering motion, the way one would gather a large load of unfolded laundry in their arms. State to yourself, “Energy stay with me.” Allow yourself to fill up before directing this energy to flow head to toe.

Next we asked for clarity of mind: it is not the dream that is ‘wrong’ but the system you must negotiate to achieve the dream. Then, because in the right now there is nothing else you can do, we said relax. Relaxing is not only the only thing you can do it is the most important thing you can do because tension closes happy doors. Keep trying, keep applying effort but relax.

Being a healer is more than passing a series of courses to achieve a degree. Being a healer is a way of life. If it is possible to spread the courses over a longer period of time we highly recommend you do so. Time is part of what will help you incorporate the healer aspect of yourself with the medical doctor aspect of yourself and it will relieve the pressure.

Even if that is not possible this next step will help.

Every day remind yourself why you like medicine, why you want to be a healer. It may be the same reason every day. This activates Universal Law in your favor and is extremely powerful. This daily practice may be applied to people, jobs, anything that is rocky and needs smoothing out. Make this a daily practice forever. We will add exclamation points to try to convey how very important this step is. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These previous steps will help you. We would to say one more thing about you and about humans. You are infinite intelligence. There is nothing you cannot learn. The teaching methods may not be best for your way of learning. The quantity may be so great that it actually has negative effect on your learning. The time frame may be so tight that you feel you cannot get your brain wrapped around it in the time allowed. But these are human thoughts. You are infinite intelligence housed in a human body. Infinite intelligence gets it. If you will relax and allow the infinite being you are to flow you will be better able to grasp the material.

Your Spirit Guides can offer you suggestions and various forms of aid. Listen to them. And relax your mind.

Received November 12, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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