Contacting Higgins Directly

Question:     You said Higgins likes to be contacted directly. What do you mean by saying that they like to be contacted directly?

Cheryl:     Higgins speaks through me however they have told me in the past that although Higgins as a group does not exist anywhere but through me, some of the individuals speak through other people besides me. (I don’t know any of these or how many there may be.)

They also have made clear that they ‘follow’, whatever that means to them, the progress of any who connect to them through me (assuming that on some level that person is ok with it…they don’t spy or eavesdrop that I am aware of).

Anyway, once you’ve made some kind of connection to them my understanding is you may call upon them directly for assistance. I also believe that they work with your personal guides to offer that assistance. Let’s say your guide wants to develop skill in a certain area to help you better. A specialist in that particular area from among Higgins would work with your guide so that your guides can better help you. (What I’m trying to say is that Higgins would answer your request by helping your personal guides answer your request. I get a strong ‘yes nod’ of my head from them so I think this is correct.)

Cheryl Jensen, November 15, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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