Question:     And for transgenders, being born a certain gender and sex yet they feel it is not correct within themselves for some they need a change on the outside to match the inside. The Bible talks about crossing dressing as missing the mark aka sin, but not so much as actual transgender at least not that I know of. A lot of Christians would say God made them a boy so it is wrong for them to transition themselves to be a girl, and would probably ask them who gives you the right to know better than God on your gender or something like that. But yet to the transgender person, they feel like they should be a girl when they were born a boy, and vise versa of course. If Transgender is okay and good, then why are they born the opposite sex and gender than with the one they feel is right for themselves?

Higgins:     Rather than approach the Bible head on this way let’s look at this from a different perspective.

Humans are individual bits of eternal consciousness housed in a body. By ‘bits of eternal consciousness’ we refer to a human without a body, or an angel or any other form of non-physical being including that prime being you call God, Allah or Source.

All consciousness is both/and when it comes to male/female characteristics and most express themselves as a harmonious blend. Some bits of consciousness prefer to express more of their masculine aspect and some prefer to express their feminine side.

Once born into the physical body most of you express the traits generally expected of your gender. Not only are most of you groomed from early on towards behavior that is considered correct for your gender but you are also stimulated hormonally to express the general traits of your gender. Of course, it is much easier to do this when your eternal bit of consciousness expresses themselves as a harmonious blend of both male and female.

Some bits of eternal human consciousness so strongly radiate their feminine or masculine traits that it seeps through into physical human consciousness. Sometimes this is a sort of accident, if you will, and sometimes it is intentional. Either way, the result for the human is a stronger identification with the gender expression of their Eternal Self than of their temporary physical self. When the body’s sex does not correspond to the gender expression of the eternal self a transgender is born.

The goal of materializing in human form is spiritual growth so from the eternal aspect of Self, living physical life as transgender is a wonderful way to develop spiritually. While the physical self may not enjoy this challenge very much, the Broader Self simply swells with pride over the accomplishments of their physical counterpart, no matter how difficult life may seem to the human.

As for the Biblical interpretations: while we maintain that anyone seeking spiritual growth may be very well served by starting with the Bible we know that All That Is is love. That which you call God does not forsake any of his physical children for any reason. Not one. Humans do that when they get static in their lines of communication between physical and non-physical.

We encourage you to seek clear communication with your Spirit Guides and All That Is. We encourage you to develop compassion for yourself and for mankind. Then use whatever body you’ve been given to live life to its fullest. Test the limits. Use whatever you came into the world with and whatever you’ve collected along the way and whatever you’ve got right now in this moment and live. Live out loud. Live with enthusiasm. Live with gusto.

When you are many, many years old and you are tired and your body is worn out like a pair of comfy old jeans may you lay down for the last time satisfied and full from a life well lived. Though life is about growth in the end what God wants for you is happiness. A life well lived is a great tribute to the Primary Source and Creator of All Things Including Transgenders that you call God.

Blessings Friend, all is truly well.

Received November 15, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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  1. Mayflower says:

    Hi Higgins – Thank you for this; it is very helpful. I have a quetion, though: As we are guided by our emotions to do those things that will lead us to fulfill our intentions, formed and agreed upon before we come to physical, is life more difficult for those whose transgender identity is ‘accidental’ rather than intentional? Would there be mixed signals between self and greater self and spirit guides because the pre-physical agreement did not include being transgender? As I ask the question, the answer evolves in my mind but I will let the question stand. Thank you.

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