Homosexuality: is it OK and Good? (1 of 2)

Question:     I have questions regarding homosexuality and transgender. The Bible talks about homosexuality as a sin or missing the mark or target as I know now what sin really means. Is homosexuality really missing the mark or target as the Bible says or is the word homosexuality in those verse meaning something totally different than what most of us probably see it as or view it as? Because im sure homosexuals probably feel good or right to their own person inside that being homosexual is right for them and to them. So is it really okay and good?

Higgins:     The information contained in the Bible is thousands of years old. It is a beautiful book. And it is incomplete.

Humans have documented their story in many ways through millennia and one thing has proven to be true: it is extremely difficult to convey accurately one’s meaning through pictures and words. While recorded documents may be incomplete or incorrect one source of information always, 100 percent of the time, from Biblical days to now never fails. It is never incorrect. It is available 24 hours per day. Every person has one. That system is your Personal Guidance System. It is based in your heart and controlled by your Broader Self.

It would be accurate to envision yourself as a vehicle for data collection that is guided remotely. The Bible and the Quran and many other similar books less well-known have attempted to explain this guidance system, to explain what you are and how to live as human. These manuscripts have been hidden, destroyed and sabotaged. The common man no longer has access to a complete set of directions for playing the game of life but he doesn’t need a set of written directs because he has a heart.

The heart is the primary guidance tool used by the Broader Self.

Before birth each of you agrees with your Broader Self about some things. Your Broader Self then plays an endless game of Hot and Cold with you until the day you die. When you feel emotions from the heart that feel good you are thinking, speaking and doing in harmony with that agreement. When you feel bad you are out of harmony with the agreement. Your agreement is unique to you so no one else (read: the Bible) can more accurately guide you toward expressing You than you. Further, and this is important, if you follow accurately the heart’s guidance you will never do harm to another, nor can harm be done unto you.

Mankind, society, has made some rules. Society has decided that one man and one woman is right. God didn’t decide this. Mankind did.

We stated in the segment on Transgenders that some come forth identifying strongly with one gender or the other regardless of birth gender. It is the same with homosexuality. One may have been born with a pre-birth agreement to prefer same-sex relationships or it may be that the rules society has placed seem limiting and one chooses to step outside the bounds of the constricting rules to explore themselves more fully. Either way, the result is the same: growth.

We very much want you to understand that God does not forsake you.

Learn acceptance. Learn compassion. Learn what it is to Be Love. When you do this you melt away the need to make and follow rules that don’t fit anyone anyway. Learn to follow the leanings of the heart. The heart always points towards happiness.

Friend, whether you are aware of it or not, you have built walls of resistance around you as a sort of defense against the rules that don’t fit. When you learn to love and accept yourself then very gently those walls will come down. When they do the walls that others have erected against you out will also come down.

Received November 17, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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