Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence

Higgins wrote Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence through me in 2011. Work’s been slow the last couple of months so during my extra time off I’ve been editing this piece and preparing it for publication.

It should be out mid-March and will be available through Amazon.

Thanks to those of you who ask after the live sessions, “Do you ever think of writing any of this down?” Apparently this blog isn’t what you mean by ‘writing it down’. 😉 Anyway, it is your questioning that has catalyzed me to action.


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2 Responses to Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence

  1. mabear4mc says:

    looking forward to the reading the book, hope you are well, hello to higgins.
    hopeful one 🙂

    • Thanks, Mabear. I am well. Higgins continues to grow and I’m not sure exactly what they’re up to but when whatever it is finally sprouts it should be fun. I assume you are well, too.

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