The Kindness Paradigm (27)

Living in a Kindness Paradigm: What’s in it for me?

If you’ve been following the Law of Attraction material you already theoretically understand that like attracts like and each person literally vibrates relative to their likes and dislikes. The Universe responds by presenting each of us with life experience that is equal to the vibration we emit. Whether we are in synch with our likes or our dislikes, the Universe gives us plenty of it.

If we as individuals will get into synch with feeling satisfied and fulfilled by the end of each day not only will our days be enjoyable but the only natural conclusion to our lives is that we will one day realize that we are satisfied and fulfilled and done. At that point, we will naturally slip into our next extension of self and out of these temporary bodies without pain and without fuss. Long, dragged out illness and slow decline will not be attracted.

We are healthier and happier living in a Kindness Paradigm and this results in lots of nice ways including fewer health care costs. In the United States we spend vast amounts on health care. Imagine that being a thing of the past. Imagine all those health care workers being freed up to pursue the life of their dreams…

Imagine being free to pursue the life of your dreams…

Cheryl Jensen, February 18, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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