Why Are We At War Around The Globe?

Question:     What is happening? Why are we at war around the globe?

Higgins:     You are warring over control issues. As individuals and as a people you must learn to relax and let what is be. The Beatles had it right, Let It Be. Focus on the things you do want instead of that which you do not want. Focus on the things that bring happiness rather than the things that are bringing you unhappiness. Until you do, as individuals and as a people, life will be uncomfortable.

While you are practicing this–and we agree that it takes practice to sift through life experience to determine what it is that you do want and focus on it exclusively–we do suggest that you also think about safety. That way, while you are practicing focusing on the desirable aspects of life you will also provide an immediate measure of safety in your experience.

Received March 10, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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