Are We In Peril?

Questioner:     Are we in peril? As a species and the planet, I mean.

Higgins:     The planet is not in peril. We will also remind you that the future is not written, meaning the outcome of life is up to you as individuals and as a species. That said, many of you are in peril. As a species the current trajectory is continuation rather than annihilation.

Questioner:     What should we do?

Higgins:     What do you want to do?

Questioner:     I want harmony.

Higgins:     Then focus on harmony. What does harmony look like to you?

Questioner:     Peace.

Higgins:     What constitutes peace?

Questioner:     (Long pause) All I can think of is that we stop fighting, no war, no arguing, no frustration with one another, no fear of lack of money or food. The end of depression, sickness and guilt seems like peace, too.

Higgins:     Excellent starting point. Now define peace in the positive meaning if no war then what? If no depression, then what? What will you have when you have what you want?

Questioner:     Peace.

Higgins:     Again, what constitutes peace?

Questioner:     Hmmm. Ok. How about cooperation? Uplifting interactions with other people. Abundant fresh, wholesome food that is affordable. Confidence in myself and others. Happiness, good health.

I don’t know what the opposite of guilty would be. We need a way to make a form of restitution or reconstruction or return to life before we made a mistake that we feel guilty for in the first place.

Higgins:     Great! This is a good start. Now answer in the same positive format: What constitutes cooperation, uplifting interactions with other people, abundant fresh, wholesome food that is affordable, confidence in yourself and others, happiness, good health and a way to make a form of restitution or reconstruction or return to life before the mistake that you feel guilty for in the first place?

Questioner:     Ugg! This seems like a lot of work over a simple question.

Higgins:     We say this with great love–it is exactly this mental laziness that reinforces negativity in the Earth realm.

Questioner:     What do you mean?

Higgins:     The purpose of ‘bad’ things is that you as individuals, and as a species, will look at that negative thing, review it purposefully and with intention to discover its opposite. Once its opposite has been discovered you are to then focus upon the opposite until it manifests in the Earth realm.

Negative occurrences are slow vibration. Positive occurrences are fast vibration. There is energy required on your part to focus upon the positive when negative occurs due to the energetic pull that occurs between the slow and fast vibration. Mostly, you physicals do not do this and that is why we say you often exhibit mental laziness. Focusing on the positive when the negative is calling loudly is your work here in physical and most of you don’t do your work.

Questioner:     What should we be doing?

Higgins:     Every time you feel negativity you need to identify that you feel uncomfortable somehow and intentionally seek to feel good. The most effective way to do this is to identify the negative occurrence (eg. someone treated me badly) then clarify in your mind its opposite (eg. I want to be treated well) and then–and this is important–clarify what being treated well means to you.

Does being treated well mean you wish to be treated respectfully? If so, clarify what respectfully means to you. It may look like others speaking to you with pleasant tone of voice, word choice, having eye contact, shaking hands, standing to greet you upon your arrival…You must identify what being treated well means to you.

When you say you want harmony and peace…great. We want that for you, too, and it will arrive shortly after you decide clearly what harmony and peace look and feel like.

Received March 12, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington


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