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Question:     I have recently had dreams about someone who passed away in 1987.   In each dream there is a short reunion and I express surprise at finding this person again. I have had dreams in which it is clear that a message is being sent to me.   In these recent cases there is only a hunch and almost a feeling that the person is coming to rescue me but won’t stay long.   What if anything can you tell me about this?  After each dream I have a sad sense of longing and missing that person all over again. I also seem to be dreaming more about relatives that have passed.   Yet nothing in these dreams seems to correlate to anything in my current life.   Specifically these are not the dreams I am most interested in but I mention them because it is occurring. I am interested in the one specific individual at this time.

Higgins:     Dreams in general are rarely direct messages. The most important aspect of dreams is the feeling tone of them. In this case the elements of note are surprise and sense of communication occurring.

We read off this that the surprise element is pleasant for you. Whether the feeling is positive or negative is important. You did not state specifically how close in time these two dreams, the reunion and the message, are occurring however you did state that most recently the dreams give you a hunch that you will be ‘rescued’.

Dreams occur based on how you currently feel about life in general and dreams occur at about 80% manifestation. What we can tell you about you from this dream is you are sensing communication from the eternal realm. You are not yet interpreting it consciously but on some level you are aware of it. Important note: The fact that you are dreaming this means you are about 80% complete with the foundation work of connecting more consciously with eternal wisdom.

We also know, because we know, that this friend of yours agreed with you to help you right now. Remember that each of you is on a spiritual journey and at some point you and your friend made this agreement to reconnect at this time. Theirs is an energy you would know well and recognize when it arrived and it would cue you into a deeper connection with All That Is. This ‘rescue’ you are feeling is, in a sense, a spiritual ‘rescue’.

Of course the feeling of loss that occurs after the dream is unpleasant but cements the positive element of the connection you feel in the dream. Again, the feeling tone of the dream itself is the most important aspect of dream interpretation.

The number of other dreams featuring relatives that have passed simply enforces the existence of, and significance of the communications.

All is well here.

Received April 4, 2015


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  1. DreamLookUp says:

    These dreams about people you have known in the past could also indicate that you are perhaps meeting or being exposed to a lot of new people, for example because of work or as part of your daily routines, your subconsciousness is showing your reluctance or unwillingness to establish new connections or simply make friends.

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