Use Meditation to Clean Groundwater

Question:     I was thinking about the meditation we did (March 26, 2015), and I’m wondering about one thing. Higgins said that radiation is a sentient being that wants to be able to work with us. And with the process we all did, I’m understanding that the radiation’s energy was changed so it was in harmony with earth and with us, so it’s not detrimental to us. But what I’m not sure of, is with this process, would the way that radiation detectors work be able to detect this difference? So, with radiation that is in harmony with us, would it still be detectable by whatever devices are used to detect it? Or would it no longer be detectable?

Higgins:     In the same way one extinguishes a fire that is damaging a building, the goal is for the radiation to be extinguished. The difference is, water or chemicals are used to extinguish flame. We are asking the radiation to voluntarily harmonize with mankind. We offered the radiation an energetic human DNA template to synch with and if it chose to and was able to then it synched with the template we provided and became neutral and therefore undetectable.

There are uncountable units of this radiation and depending on how many units synched to the human energy template an overall decrease would be measurable.

Question:     What made me think of this is because of our well water having some arsenic in it, I installed a filter that works on principles of energy. I had our water professionally tested for arsenic both before and after the filter was put in, and the levels only went down one part per billion. But I don’t know if the energy of the water has significantly changed to where the arsenic is no longer harmful to us. I would be very curious to see if meditating very specifically on harmonizing the arsenic in our ground water would have an effect on the measureable amount of arsenic in it. The test isn’t too expensive and is easily done.

Higgins:     You should easily be able to neutralize water. We would start with that first. Get a pitcher of water. Test it. Bless it/meditate peace to it and then test the water again after one to two hours. The water should clean within a couple of hours. TEST THIS before drinking the water.

When you become powerful enough in your energetic offering to clean the water extend your test to the ground and ground water. The water will be continually laced with arsenic as is filters through the ground so it is the ground as well as the contaminated water that need blessing.

By the laws that exist in the universe, cleaning water this way is possible. The question we are working on with the entity (and you experienced in the March 26 meditation) is: Can you physicals maintain a high enough frequency to utilize this technique?

Question:     With the link I sent you to the video of Little Grandmother, they programmed crystals to delete radiation. And they tested contaminated water before and after treating it with crystals. I’m not sure if this type of energetic treatment does the same sort of thing as what we did with Higgins, or not. In any case, it’s completely amazing what we, as humans, are capable of, that most people have no clue about. So glad to have hooked up with you and Higgins.

Higgins:     Yes. It is the same.

Received April 11, 2015

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  1. Thank you so much for the answers to all my questions. I am continually blown away by what we are capable of.

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