The End of the World

Question:     The parts of the Bible about the life of Jesus, has his disciples asking what are the signs of “The End of the World” and his “2nd coming.” My question is, what is “The End of the World,” that which Jesus was referring to?

Higgins:     Humans are on Earth to grow spiritually. Humans are Soul Carriers meaning the human body has the capacity to hold a Spirit Soul which differs from an animal or plant soul. A Spirit Soul has the ability to think and reason and therefore to choose to act in contrast to its own impulses and desires. An animal in the wild will always act in accordance with its instinctual impulses. In contrast, a person will often talk themselves into doing the opposite of what their impulses tell them to do.

The goal of the Human Soul is to think and reason in harmony with their Eternal Self (which is love and compassion) in, literally in, the heat of battle and other tough times. When a group of Soul Carriers at last comes to emotional maturity they emit consistent positive emotions that act as a sort of stabilizing force.

On Earth, there exists a cycle of about 5,000 years wherein the Earth itself swings loops in its orbit that are far distant from the center of the God Spirit which is like the heart in a human. The literal distance from this center makes it harder for the Human Soul Carrier to feel/hear the calls of its Eternal Source and so it makes larger deviations from its true nature (which is love and compassion).

About every 5,000 years man is called to be love and compassion by choice, even though the call from the God Spirit is far away and almost imperceptible. These times are End Times, the time of gnashing of teeth the Bible speaks of. This is because humans are in emotional turmoil, forgetting to be love and compassion, reacting instead to outer stimuli in postures of fear and defensiveness. Rather than drawing together as one unit in a spirit of being ‘in it together’ they become exclusive.

The End Times are notable for their violence, hence the descriptions of Armageddon as a battle between good and evil. The purpose of this cycling is for the Human Soul Carrier to choose good (love and compassion) over evil (fear, distrust, defensiveness, violence) and thus thrust the human race into the next level of spiritual expansion.

Received December 28, 2015

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