Christ Coming Back?

Question:     A verse from 1 Thessalonians 4:17 has to do about when Christ comes back. The verse prior to 17, about 4:16 states this, “For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.”

What does this verse itself really mean? Is God himself really going to descend from Heaven? And what does it mean about the dead in Christ will rise first?

The Christian belief is about Jesus returning for his 2nd coming. Is Jesus really returning to earth again at some point?

****And the 2nd coming in Christianity goes along with the “End of the World.” The parts of the Bible about the life of Jesus has his disciples asking what are the signs “The End of the World” and his “2nd coming.” My question is, what is “The End of the World,” that which Jesus was referring to?*****(We’ve answered this about the end of the world but not about the second coming.)***

Higgins:     Friend, the thing that you refer to when you use the term ‘God’ and the God that is referred to in the Bible are two different things. That makes answering this insightful question quite difficult. The human brain cannot completely understand God. God, as we speak of it and you refer to it, is the Prime Source of energy that exists throughout the universe and nothing exists anywhere that is not Prime Source (although Prime Source continually searches for another like itself).

The ‘God’ in the Bible is not the true God, Prime Source, but instead is a collection of advanced beings, those artisans that created mankind, misinterpreted as Gods and eventually reduced to one God, the God.

It was, to the Artisans, beneficial (and flattering) to have mankind worship them and wait upon them. At the point that the being interpreted as Satan noticed that mankind were potential Soul Carriers, Satan stepped in to encourage mankind towards their spiritual evolution.

Every species that is recognized as having potential as Soul Carriers is groomed/trained/educated and released as one teaches and releases their child, allowing it to step into adulthood.

The End Times or End of the World, occurring now, allow the Soul Carrier (in this case mankind) to make their evolutionary spiritual shift to the next level (or not). If the Soul Carrier makes the evolutionary shift (by choosing love, compassion, kindness and inclusion) then begins a new phase of life for the physical Soul Carrier. If the Soul Carrier does not make the shift (by choosing fear, violence, hatred and degeneracy) then the previous cycle is repeated.

As for Jesus and the Second Coming…He is already here. But we do not want you to look outside yourself for truth. Look inside.

Because the truth in the Bible has become murky let us give you some pointers:

  1. You are not called to love God. You are called to love.  If we define love as a deep and abiding appreciation then if you will hold a deep and abiding appreciation for all things, you love God for there is nothing else but God existing anywhere. If you look out and see war and destruction and feel anything but deep and abiding appreciation then you are not loving God. Look deep into the reason for war and you will find love. (Note that we are not asking you to love war itself. We are asking you to find love in war and that, Friends, will solve war.)
  2. Mankind must come to terms with the creation of reality. What you focus upon and what you believe to be true is what appears in physical life. Life is created by thought.

If you master nothing else, master the understanding of these two points.

We hold great love for you.

Received January 8, 2016

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  1. That kinda is mind blowing. 🙂 Can I ask Higgins something? Are the artisans that created mankind still living on (or inside) this Earth? And did they recreate us here on Earth after civilization on the planet Mars was destroyed? One other thing, are they still working on blending genes and DNA with other intelligent species to create an improved human race? P.S. I know the point of Higgins’ message is love, kindness and compassion, but their answer sparked much curiosity. thanks! 🙂

  2. I’m a little bit unclear about this sentence, “At the point that the being interpreted as Satan noticed that mankind were potential Soul Carriers, Satan stepped in to encourage mankind towards their spiritual evolution.” Could you expound upon it a little bit further to explain what Higgins means by Satan encouraging mankind towards their spiritual evolution? In what way, or how is this done?

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