What is a Soul Friend?

Question:     What is a soul friend? And what other soul ties are there? Hopefully that is the right word. I have heard of soul family, and twin flame and soul mate. I was wondering whether Higgins could share more information on these. If these things are indeed a real thing.

Higgins:     Let’s talk about single cell blue-green algae. This life form lives its entire life as one cell. As the cell grows and becomes larger it splits in half and becomes two cells that are identical. These cells are aquatic so when the cell splits in two it is to be expected that the two cells will float apart and by doing so each cell, although they are identical, will have its own unique life experience.

A cell splits many times during its life so there are many copies each living a unique life.

Imagine yourself, your soul self, the one without a body. Imagine that you’ve had quite much experience and you have grown spiritually so big that one soul simply isn’t enough. Imagine splitting in half and now there are two of you and each having its own experiences and growing spiritually. You split again and again as you grow larger with experience. This is what we call a Soul Family or Soul Mates. Each of these souls will also grow, expand and split. It is a very big family tree.

(Extrapolate this concept of splitting over and over and over all stemming from the One Eternal Source and you will understand how you and we and God are all one thing.)

Members of your soul grouping can and sometimes do plan simultaneous life adventures with you. Not all of your close grouping would come into physical at the same time. Some always remain behind to assist you, as you sometimes remain behind to assist them.

Received May 12, 2017





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