The Second Coming of Christ

Question:     After many years of study/teaching/praying/living I have come to believe Jesus’ reference to coming again in this way … that the Second Coming of Christ is about human beings living into our own divinity – that the Second Coming is when each one realizes they are Beloved, and that we have access to the same eternal Spirit/God that Jesus pointed to and prayed to/with.  The Second Coming is & will be when we humans live out our lives ‘from the heart’ believing that Jesus was one prototype for the fullness of human being. Such a glorious moment that will be when we take our life path as surrendered to the Spirit within.  At present we seem to be living out of our personality rather than our soul – ego rather than eternal spirit/soul. 

I believe this possible path is congruent with his call to us to ‘go out and do greater things than he’, the kingdom of God is within, they are one as we are one’, etc.  

How do these words/images fit with your view/knowledge?

Higgins:     There really are two things going on in the Bible. One is reference to your creation and one is reference to Creation.

Mankind was created, not by God…the Original Source of All Things…but by other intelligent life forms not from Earth. You could not exist as human (thinking/reasoning) at first, but with trials and failed attempts they finally constructed a human ‘in their image’. That means you look like and have a brain structure similar to the beings that made you.

Interestingly, God…the Original Source of All Things…also created in his ‘image’ in certain ways. Specifically, one of the things that you are capable of doing is intentionally creating…like your creators and like God. You create all the time although most of you don’t know that you are creating or how you are doing it.

You are quite correct in thinking that the goal for humans is to eventually reconnect with their divine-ness as an aspect of the Original Source of All Things. The only way to do that is through love. If you have ever held true compassion for the ugliest ugliness you have experienced love.

Compassion nullifies the restrictions of the human body. Jesus tried to show you that you are limitless beings. The beings who created you and walked among you in your early years tried to show you this, too. Humans, in your youth, couldn’t understand compassion and when power is used without compassion ugly creation happens. Satan has been selfless enough to take upon himself the burden of showing you who you are not and therefore who you are. Who you are is compassion and love. Power used in love and compassion is limitless.

Look at what mankind has created in fear, anger, jealousy and greed. Amazing things. Now imagine what mankind can create in compassion, love, harmony and generosity.

When/if mankind makes their decision to be love your creators will join you and coexist with you. They look forward to this with eager anticipation.

Received May 12 and 14, 2017


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  1. Why did they make us? Is it and experiment for some reason, or just for entertainment?
    Also, if we are manufactured,do mysterious things like Karma and Hindu God really exist?
    Did they create Jesus also, or was he one of them?
    And lastly, Can you describe the beings that created us?
    Thank You.

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