Why Were Humans Made?

Cheryl:     This questions refers to the post from May 14, 2017, The Second Coming of Christ.

Question:     Why did they make us? Is it an experiment for some reason, or just for entertainment? Also, if we are manufactured, do mysterious things like Karma and Hindu God really exist? Did they create Jesus also, or was he one of them? And lastly, Can you describe the beings that created us?

Higgins:     Humans were made for many reasons. Just as mankind experiments with cloning sheep and replacement human hearts other beings have developed similar advanced technology. So clever did this particular group become that they decided to make a helper species to help them in a similar way that you are now employing robotics and machinery.

We have referred to this previously as humans having been created by artisans but you could also call them scientists. Neither word is entirely correct. Neither word is incorrect.

Humans were an experiment, although when you get pretty good at doing something it is not so much an experiment anymore. These beings were quite skilled at cloning and genetics but humans were new, pressing the boundaries of what they’d accomplished before. Of course, they weren’t sure what would happen and in that respect it was definitely experimental.

Karma (from Oxford online dictionary): (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

Karma…we struggle to explain this. In each life your Greater Soul learns, grows and expands. It also identifies areas for greater growth. If you will accept Karma as a choice of your Greater Soul to return in future lives to practice and finally master aspects of being human that have given you difficulty in previous lives then yes, Karma exists.

Hindu (from Wikipedia) is based on the recognition that Brahman (God) is the highest principle in the universe and pervades all of existence.

Hindu Gods are equivalent to the Olympians or the Anunnaki. They are non-earth based beings who educated humans once it was discovered that humans were soul-carriers. We use soul carrier to mean a life-form that has the capacity for thought and reason and the potential for intentional creation.

Jesus existed in human form. He came, as many have come before and after him, to help humans escape the limitations of human form, while remaining in the human form.

The beings that created you looked a lot like you. You were created in their image.

Received May 14, 2017

(Note from Cheryl: I added the notes from the online dictionary and Wikipedia for clarity.)



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