Angry Emotions

Question:     How do you acknowledge long held angry emotions?

Higgins:     The first step to acknowledging deep seated anger is awareness. One first must recognize that there is anything to acknowledge. Deep emotions that have been ‘stuffed’ for long periods of time are often overwhelming to the carrier. (Assume that if a person can deal with a given emotion they do so in the moment.) Anything that has been suppressed is going to be emotionally painful to acknowledge.

A good practice is to ask your Spirit Guide(s) for help in recognizing and acknowledging deep seated emotional pain. Ask them to help you come to terms with the history that created the emotion a little at a time, in palatable portions. Be ready for the emotional rollercoaster which will surely follow. It is also very important to accept and acknowledge your role in your history without blame or judgment.

Life, you may have noticed, is cyclical rather than linear. As memories arise that remind you of why you are so angry, as situations arise that throw you into turmoil…know that if you deal with the emotion/problem right now you will no longer need to experience it and new things will arise as your life circles around and around. We strongly encourage you to address whatever life brings. Master all the little things you simply do not want to deal with. Then those things become little and insignificant. And you become more powerful and life becomes more fun.

A very fine story by Neale Donald Walsch, The Little Soul and the Sun, may be helpful in understanding why negative experiences happen to people. It also helps to explain why a person might commit a negative act. In both instances, the committer and the committee may harbor painful emotions surrounding an experience. This book helps to explain why there are no victims and there are no acts that can be committed so awful that one cannot accept their role in it, recover from their role, and live a wonderful life.

Received May 17, 2017

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