Emotions as Guidance

“Let’s say that bliss is due north on your compass and we’ll gently define bliss as being in love with everything all at once. It’s a bursting with happiness sort of feeling.”

Question:  I love this statement (above) from yesterday and wonder a little about due north. If bliss is north then happy or content  would never get you to your goal. You would always be a little west or east of due north. Can you clarify?

Higgins:  Let’s use another analogy, that of a policeman directing traffic. If you are in any way aligning with your true nature of happiness the officer will have you drive straight through the intersection and you will be safely on your way to your goal destination. If not, the officer directing traffic will direct you to turn left or right or even make a U-turn.

Your emotions are the traffic officer telling you which way to go. Depression, for example, is your personal traffic officer telling you to pull a U-turn and go back the other way. Anger, on the other hand, is more like a detour.

Emotions that feel good can be envisioned as taking the scenic route to your destination. In non-physical, holding bliss is quite easy. You can manufacture the most powerful creative energy at will. In non-physical it is much harder so you hold lesser but still fine emotions like satisfaction, contentment, pleasure or happiness highlighted by moments of joy.

So to answer your question more directly: holding bliss takes you straight to your goal destination while lesser yet still positive emotions take you on the loveliest of scenic routes.

To be clear:

Your goal destination is realignment with Source. This is like returning home after being on vacation.

Your purpose for life is spiritual growth.

Your path to that growth is through eager positive anticipation and joy although you will achieve the growth whether or not you achieve joy. You are completely free to choose to stay on the path of joy or to leave the path. If you leave the path you are free to return to the path at any time.

You anticipate aligning with Source while you are physical (Source is Magnetic North) and easily slipping back to non-physical alignment with Source when you are complete here.

You will know when you are complete because you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment and you will feel done with physical life. Not all of you achieve this sense of completion before you die but you all have the capacity to do so.

Received February 27, 2018

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