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Question:  You gave a really nice definition of bliss: We’ll gently define bliss as being in love with everything all at once. It’s a bursting with happiness sort of feeling.

I would like you to define a number of emotions that could be used to explain emotions and what they are for. What do you think the most important emotions are?




Eager anticipation/happiness

Confidence of self/surety/a gentle knowing that you are and that is enough



Variations of anger (frustration, impatience and also rage)








Question: Do you put them in this order for a reason?

Higgins: Yes. Love is the most important emotion. It is, if not readily available to you, accessible through compassion. Bliss is in many ways a sort of super-happiness. Happiness is easiest to explain as a sense of eager anticipation. Self confidence is extremely important to your sense of well-being. It is not possible to fully and truly achieve all the previous emotions until you know, with your entire being, that you belong here if for no other reason than that you were born. Contentment and satisfaction come when you are pleased with the life you are living.

Hope is valuable because when you cannot achieve these powerful emotions, hope is the emotional bridge. Every emotion listed after hope is less powerful, less wonderful. Anger has many faces. Anger, frustration, impatience…these emotions are a powerful communicator. They tell you that you are losing control; that for some reason you are slipping into victim mode. Your core belief about yourself is that you are powerful and capable so when you begin to feel as though you are having a loss of power some level of anger kicks in to jolt you to action. Rage is a last-ditch effort to move yourself from victim back to powerful creator of your own life.

Boredom and discontent show that you are not creating your life with intent. Sadness, like loneliness, indicates a loss of power. While grief is normal at times, there is healthy processing of grief that will pass and there is unhealthy dwelling in misery. Same with loneliness, take action when you are lonely or know that you will sink lower still.

Embarrassment and guilt occur when you’ve lost confidence in yourself. Fear is perhaps the worst enemy because it is disabling, so very far away from the able person you are.

Received March 4, 2018


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