Speed up Change

Question:  My life isn’t changing as much as I want it to. How can I speed up the pace of change?

Higgins:  The steps of creation are: decide what you want; make a plan to achieve the goal; execute the plan; achieve the goal.

There is an invisible obstacle that slows the process of achieving the goal. The invisible obstacle is your emotional set point relative to your belief in your own ability to achieve the goal. That is why you need a well thought out plan. The clearer your ability to plan, the easier it is to achieve your desire.

Sometimes, it is impossible to see every step in order to make a clear plan. When you cannot see far enough ahead to make a plan, this is the time when tapping into your connection with Infinite Intelligence will help you.

For example, let’s assume your goal is happiness. It is pretty hard to set a concrete action plan for this sort of goal. What you can do is ask your Infinite Intelligence, “What is the first step towards my happiness?” Sit quietly and await the response. When the response comes you must act on it. Ask and act repeatedly until you achieve your goal. To ask and act repeatedly may be the plan you decide to execute.

You cannot wait for the Universe to provide you with the thing you want. You have to step up and meet the Universe as it is bringing the response to you. There is an energetic exchange required and you must make payment. Money is often used as an energetic exchange and you all understand how money works. But money is not the currency of the Universe. The currency of the Universe is your emotions. In this case, it is your belief and absolute conviction that you will have that thing you desire. When you have absolute conviction, then the thing is yours and it is yours very quickly.

Received May 5, 2018

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  1. Nice post, Cheryl. I like the part about tapping into your connection to infinite intelligence when you’re having difficulty setting a concrete action plan. I also like Higgins’ advice about not waiting for the universe to provide what you’re asking for, but to step up and meet the universe as it’s bringing what you desire to you. Bob

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