The Law of Economics

Question: You’ve started to share with us in live sessions on something called the Law of Economics. Will you define or describe that for the blog?

Higgins: Of course.

The Law of Attraction and the Law of Economics are tightly intertwined. The Law of attraction simply means that life experience is drawn to a person based on their emotional output. Life events will be a reflection of one’s emotional offering. When a person decides to apply the Law of Attraction with intent to create with purpose, then the Law of Economics engages.

The Law of Economics states there is a balance that must be maintained in all transactions. This is an energy exchange. In physical, many of you trade hours of work for dollars. Some of you trade goods or services. The currency used by the Law of Economics is energetic, vibrational, and emotional. When the emotion and vibration emitted equals the thing desired, then that thing, whatever it is, is passed over from non-physical to physical.

This means you must become the thing you want before you see the manifestation of it.

Received May 11, 2018

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