Reason for Life

Question:  Is there any meaning or purpose or reason in the life we live other than to experience the Physical?

Higgins: Yes. It’s true, you are here for the pleasure of physical life. In a way, stepping into a physical realm is like going away for vacation. You go to experience something new, interesting or different from your usual day-to-day life.

You are also here to expand. You are here for Spiritual Growth. That’s why most of you pick a life that is somewhat challenging. Some of you pick an easy life from time to time, but there’s little challenge in that. You want to practice something new each time you play because it is causes greater expansion and is more interesting to the Broadest Aspect of Your Being. 

The consciousness that you think of as self is not aware of the Broadest Aspect of Your Being. That Broad Aspect of You guides you towards those things that will stimulate spiritual growth. All you need do is ask to be guided towards that which you desire. Your Broadest Self, or some aspect of Infinite Intelligence, will inspire you towards action. 

It really is a fun place to be, once you master the asking, inspiration and action part.

Received May 12, 2018


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