Hanford Nuclear Reservation

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi taught us Transcendental Meditation, and lead us to the discovery of the Maharishi Effect. https://www.mum.edu/tm-research-overview/maharishi-effect/

James Twyman has recently conducted meditations globally to promote peace. http://www.worldpeacepulse.com/

Masaru Emoto showed us pictures of water responding to thought, and to words. http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html

In this same vein, I have been working with Higgins for many years now, to harness and direct the energy from our meditations to local and world issues. Some of the meditations/topics we’ve been addressing are a global Friendly Spirit of Cooperation, stabilization of weather patterns for Africa, and radioactivity at Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

Hanford Nuclear Reservation is my special pet project. If we affect the world around us with our thoughts, if we interact with an unseen field, then we can affect things like water quality, weather, oil spills, garbage in the oceans, humanitarian crises and radioactivity.

My goal with Hanford Nuclear Reservation (HNR) is to use meditation to put out the radioactivity the way water is used to put out a fire.

Check out the websites below to see how meditation is being applied by different countries around the globe in the spirit of national security and non-violent defense.

Cheryl Jensen, May 24, 2018

See also: http://www.worldpeacesolutions.net/science-of-peace/invincibility/     and http://www.invincibledefense.org/fundamentals.html   and    https://davidleffler.com/   for meditation in military/defense scenarios.



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    • I found an interesting article by (I presume) a physicist. He shows and explains how our thoughts affect the object of our thoughts. I really think this kind of meditation is viable as a solution for some of our huge problems, like radioactive waste, personal safety and garbage in our oceans. C-

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