Something Interesting Happened on Election Day

I did say I’d keep you informed if anything interesting happened. Well, something interesting has happened that I’ll tell you about.

Today is a rainy and blustery Western Washington day and this afternoon I decided to lie down for a short nap. I rested for three quarters of an hour and got up. My husband was still asleep and the lights were out around the house, so you should be getting the impression that it was comfy and cozy in the house and the house was sleepy even if I wasn’t.

I picked up my precious kitty and we sat together in the living room for a few minutes when he decided to leave without notice. Cats…so fickle.

For months running into years I haven’t been able to meditate and was suddenly inspired to do so. Literally within thirty seconds Higgins slid in. They are back! Just like that and they gave me the scoop.

In order to proceed with Phase II (Knowledge), a different group of beings will step in. Their vibrational level is significantly higher than mine and so it was necessary for me to improve my vibrational level before they could continue. In my most recent post, I mentioned that I thought they were leaving me alone until such time as I could master the application of the wisdom they shared with previously. In fact, they said today, applying the wisdom was (as all things seem to be with them) a method for improving my vibrational level.

At this time it seems that my vibration is enough improved that they can proceed with their plan. Importantly, they said, note that their arrival today (Election Day 2020 in the United States) is not by accident. Neither presidential candidate understands the underlying issues, the root cause of the nation’s unrest and indeed the world’s unrest. They will begin a series of communications (method yet to be determined…written, verbal?) upon this topic. It seems most likely they will weave it into the context of The Kindness Paradigm, from what they said.

The first directive they have for me is to meditate fifteen minutes a day for a month and then they will reassess.

Welcome back, Higgins!

November 3, 2020

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6 Responses to Something Interesting Happened on Election Day

  1. simulismblog says:

    Dear Cheryl,

    What a wonderful news! Your experience with Higgins reminds one made here, in Geneva, over many years and which was published in 2016 in French:

    « Voyage aux confins de la conscience » by Sylvie Dethiollaz and Claude Charles Fourrier.
    Published by « Guy Tredaniel »

    I don’t know if it has been translated yet. It relates 10 years of research with Nicolas Fraisse who can trigger out of body experiences on will. Unexpectedly he began to hear voices giving details on the targets he had to find (pictures in sealed enveloppes) They were voices from a group and not only one. And they expressed with art; referring to movies, books, poems, songs… that sometimes Nicolas Fraisse wasn’t aware of!. He found the right picture out of four in four sealed enveloppes 79 times on 100 tests. There is only one chance on 27 billions of billions of billions that this result is due to chance alone! The researchers who conducted the experiment are convinced that Nicolas Fraisse didn’t reach 100% only because he didn’t interpret correctly 21 results because he didn’t know the references linked to them. Eight of these were found correctly by the team when Nicolas Fraisse didn’t.

    I suggest you ask your followers to meditate with you in order to enhance the energy needed by the link with Higgins. Maybe you could think about it (ask Higgins?!) and give some advices on how to join?

    Thank you so much for your engagement.

    Alain Rifat

    • Dear Alain,

      A fascinating response. Thank you. I did look up the article you mentioned regarding Nicholas Fraisse. My computer was not able to translate it to English but I was able to find other information on him. I have heard of that kind of work. The U.S. government conducted studies on this at one time.

      Prior to them (Higgins) leaving in July (was it 2018?) I conducted regular meditations with a group locally. We had some good times with that, focusing on world harmony and planetary health for the most part. I have also conducted meditations with people remotely in the past. I am located in the Pacific Northwest of the US and have been joined by people in the UK, Eastern US, and even from a sailboat in the Marshall Islands. We have all been able to receive their energy.

      I would find it very interesting to resume such pursuit should that be an option. My understanding from their communication yesterday is that we will meditate briefly each day for a month and then they will reevaluate.

      I will keep your interest in this in mind as I reconnect with Higgins.

      My personal interest lies in using the powerful energy they bring with them to stabilize weather patterns (for example, to bring regular patterns of rain to drought areas of Africa), or to see whether we are capable of stabilizing radioactive nuclear waste.

      Thank you for your keen interest.

      Cheryl Jensen

    • Yes. As Beatrix Potter said, “There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never know quite where they’ll take you.” Where will this lead? Where will your awakening take you? Life is a wonderful adventure.

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