Day One of Phase II with Higgins

It didn’t occur to me yesterday when Higgins said meditate daily for fifteen minutes that they would start conversation right away. As it turns out, they are still full of surprises. I didn’t plan to post daily but I’d very much like to document this next adventure with Higgins and so I share with you…

The first thing they are conveying to me is that together we will create a United States Development Plan….only ‘development’ isn’t the right word. As my second chore (the first being meditate for fifteen minutes a day) they ask me to discover a word that means development but isn’t development. The word they want is like this:

Let’s say you live in a perfectly good house. The house may be older and in need of some updating, upgrading, possibly some structural repair, girding and shoring. Once these things are complete you will have a house that is structurally and foundationally sound, and updated inside and out, but it is still the same perfectly good house only freshened and strengthened.

What is the word for that? The closest word I come up with is renovate.

The problem with the word renovate is that it doesn’t encompass development in a way that means blossom. Maybe they are looking for fertilize? Mature?

My neighbors are avid gardeners. From time to time they give me tips. This past spring, they suggested that when planting, I loosen the soil, add slow release organic fertilizer and bone meal, mix that in, then put in the plant. This gives each plant all the nutrients it needs to grow to its fullest and best.

The word I’m looking for also means that.

Any ideas?

November 4, 2020

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9 Responses to Day One of Phase II with Higgins

  1. William Wolford says:

    Awesome to hear that you are getting communications again from Higgins Cheryl! That is really cool! Maybe the word you are looking for is something like the ‘Crucible’ in Alchemy, where all matter is broken down to provide nourishment for something of worth to grow.

  2. janonlife says:

    Hmm. An interesting task! My first thought was ‘enrichment’, but that wasn’t quite right. It feels more like releasing or realising a potential that is there already. Then a phrase that Seth uses a great deal in the Jane Roberts channels from the 1960s and 70s – ‘value fulfillment’ came to me. So not one word, I’m afraid, but maybe a couple that will point you in the right direction?
    So excited to follow your new adventure.

  3. simulismblog says:

    Could it be “evolution”?

    • Evolution is very much a part of it. The word we are looking for creates a foundation for, direction for, and fertilizer for our evolution. The action that stems forth from the word will help us on the path of our evolution. Is it possible that we need more than one word?

  4. maiamom says:

    A possible word is “re-create”. MC

  5. janonlife says:

    Delighted to hear that you and Higgins are working together on a new project.
    I’m not an American, but my love of words made me keen to join in the hunt for the one you need! My first thought was ‘enrichment’, but that didn’t feel exactly right. I felt more that what was involved here was a drawing out of some pre-existing potential. Then the phrase often used in Jane Roberts’ Seth books came to me – ‘Value Fulfillment’. Not a single word, and perhaps not the easiest of phrases to grasp, but the closest I can get at the moment.
    Enjoy the process.

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